Learning a lot…

So of all the things I’m learning in the garden this year (my first real attempt at a big garden) timing is the most important.

I grew zucchinis, tomatoes, and cucumbers inside and they took no time at all before they had outgrown their shelf. I was struggling to keep them under control and they were starving for sunlight and soil. That was dumb. They can be planted early May.

On the other hand I planted flowers in May and now have a shelf of 36 marigolds and a shelf of 36 pansies that I’m waiting on. I needed to plant those end March so they would be hearty by May 24.

End of March – Mint, Strawberries, Marigolds, Nolana’s (maybe), and Pansies.
Mid-April for Zinnia’s They grew fast but still went out too early.
Early May – Zucchini’s, Tomatoes, Cucumbers.

That should get me more on track for next year.

An email to dad… passive-aggressively begging for help.

Hey dad. I’ve got a huge favour to ask. I know youre busy so how much you can do is up to you.

The chipmunks are back and it won’t be long before they start destroying all my hard work.

Here’s the top of my garden.


I want sides on it like this (without the hinges) I didn’t leave a lot of edge to work with… :


and a top on it like this (without the fold-out-brace-posts)


I  don’t know where to start. I’m willing to put in work but I don’t know what to do.
If you could give me some kind of step-by-step that would help. I just don’t want to get so far in and have to tear it all apart.
I’m also fine with you doing it for me but I know you are busy AF right now with the chickens, gardens, etc.
Much love,

He responded like two minutes later saying “Let me give it some thought”

I’d love to make a day of it and learn from him. But he’s so busy with my mom and their property I dunno if he’ll be able to. He’ll probably just do it for me. We’ll see.

Two checks off the to-do list.

I transplanted my pansies! Easy three-step process seen below.


Just in case you can’t tell, coffee, sunshine, and planting is absolutely heaven on earth. Go outside. Ann Marie is very thankful it is nice out now.


Half fill all the containers with soil. Separate and plunk in your individual sprouts. I never like taking apart the pods to get the seedlings apart but you have to if you want more, healthier plants. Just do it.


Top up the soil around, don’t hurt, and don’t bury the seedling.

So that was one item checked off the ol’ to-do list. The next item is the umbrella tree. As I was plucking the heads off of dandelions this morning I leaned on the tree and it wobbled. It was easily pushed around so I pushed it around and over. It snapped off with minimal effort. It must have been really rotted.


Okay so I fell over… but I sat up before my wife could take a picture of me on my back!


Pulling out the umbrella tree didn’t even leave too much of a hole! I can fill that in and seed it no problem.



☑ Keep on top of dandelions
☑ Water all the plants
☐ Whippersnip

Plants that need bird netting.
☐ raspberries
☐ strawberries
☐ weird-berries

Plants that need trellis.
☐ cucumbers
☐ beans and peas

Planting Outside.
☐ tomatoes
☐ Blue Nolana

Transplanting Inside.
☑ Pansies
Mimosa Pudica.

☐ Peas and beans
☐ Front garden plants


Garden update.

Here is the updated sunflower bed. The peas and beans are shot but I’m going to germinate some more soon and I’ll mix them in.


Sunflowers, a pea plant, and a bean plant.


Two acquisitions… Persian Shield on the left, Jewel of the Desert on the right.

I got home last night and got right to work! The first thing I did was pluck dandelions, got the lawnmower started for the first time after winter, and mowed the back yard. It looked gorgeous in the morning sun this am.


Before it got dark I planted my strawberries outside and secured the second trellis. I want to wrap them up the trellis as they grow all summer long.

Then I had to go to bed because it was dusk and the skeeters were getting me.

This morning I went full bore getting things into the dirt outside. All my broccoli and cauliflower ended up in the garden this morning!

IMG_5661.JPGI need to cover the exposed dirt with mulch quickly. I ran out of time. I even had to ask Ann Marie to do the initial watering when she got home because I ran out of time on that too.

Then I was off to the cucumber! These grow fast so I didn’t want them stunted like the zucchinis were inside outgrowing their containers and touching the light.


One problem. I had one planter free and 6 plants! So I put two in the planter and the other four had to go into buckets.


My germination shelf is feeling pretty empty now! Time to get some more going! 🙂


Another addition, Scotch Grass is on the left. 

Soooooo yeah. I’ve been busy.