Little Foot Long Foot concert.

We opened for Dinosaur Bones that night! We also opened for Little Foot Long Foot but I loved their set so much I forgot to take a picture!

ATIC Sept 20.jpg

A Town In Caves, The Mansion, Kingston, Ontario, 2013

And there’s Dinosaur Bones!

Dino Bones September 20, 2013.jpg

Dinosaur Bones, The Mansion, Kingston, Ontario, 2013

I found a picture of Little Foot Long Foot! They had their own photographer!


Little Foot Long Foot, The Mansion, Kingston, Ontario, 2013



This is the harvest / pickling party I dream of every time I plant cucumbers. I have had a hard time replicating these first year’s results.

September 1, 2013.jpg

My brother Mike around the 1st of September helping me prep all the cukes and soak them.

September 8, 2013.jpg

A dozen jars of mustard pickles and 10 jars of beets! Not too shabby!