Band practice.

The winter set in and our first jam space (Will’s parent’s garage) was too cold. My parents graciously offered us the use of their giant, empty garage.

Check out the improvised mic stand. 😉



Little Foot Long Foot concert.

We opened for Dinosaur Bones that night! We also opened for Little Foot Long Foot but I loved their set so much I forgot to take a picture!

ATIC Sept 20.jpg

A Town In Caves, The Mansion, Kingston, Ontario, 2013

And there’s Dinosaur Bones!

Dino Bones September 20, 2013.jpg

Dinosaur Bones, The Mansion, Kingston, Ontario, 2013

I found a picture of Little Foot Long Foot! They had their own photographer!


Little Foot Long Foot, The Mansion, Kingston, Ontario, 2013



This is the harvest / pickling party I dream of every time I plant cucumbers. I have had a hard time replicating these first year’s results.

September 1, 2013.jpg

My brother Mike around the 1st of September helping me prep all the cukes and soak them.

September 8, 2013.jpg

A dozen jars of mustard pickles and 10 jars of beets! Not too shabby!