Required/Recommended Textbooks Video

This is a project I started in September. It kept getting moved to the back burner for other things to get done. This is a first draft. But it’s done using Anime Studio 8 which I learned for this specific video.


Retail at its finest.

For those of you who think this design ever had hope, I was told from the beginning that the layout would be crammed with 7-9 items from our store that I would be photographing, cropping, and placing in the layout on short notice. However, from a retail perspective this sucker POPS! LOL

Harder but better!

I’ve got about 10 videos that I have to make and remake. It’s pretty exhausting stuff to have to do! You’re not just thinking about the layout of a single image, or multiple pages but of an entire, movement based, design. Check this out. You can see I get a little lazy near the end cutting corners due to time constraints. (Fonts, text, etc.)