Garden Update!

We had an awesome weekend for weather and I didn’t waste it! I had to rake up leaves that were caught in the first snow and never thawed, I pulled up and fixed the fence that’s always falling down. I braced my garden box that was bowing under the weight of the compost/dirt inside.

Here you can see a slide show of our side garden. This is the garden I spent my vacation getting up and running from the tired overrun mess it was last summer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In other garden related news I want to admit that the Tim Horton’s cups were a bust. Too small and I eventually had to bite the bullet and get my little plants into a set up that was able to be transported more easily… hence pots that fit into trays. So I used the +15ºC weather to give my little guys a taste of the outdoors and repotted (again) on the back deck into better containers. It ended up being really good for them. By the time I was done it was down to +10ºC and feeling chilly.


I grouped bunching onions in 2s and 3s to conserve space. You’re looking at my nicotianas, marigolds, and zinnias on the left, onion in the middle-right, broccoli in the front-right and zucchini in the back right.


My zucchinis and Charlotte’s bean pole definitely need to get outside ASAP. They’re monsters. 


My followup batches are doing well. Trying to sprout some potatoes from the store in the front there. They’re slow because they’re sprayed with an inhibitor. I keep rinsing them off. They’ll pull through it. Nature persists! You can see the little guys in the back-right-six? They’re strawberries! 🙂 


A close up of my followup crops. 🙂 Broccoli, cauliflower and bunching onions here. 


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