An idea for a cover…

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The Dragons of the Kingdom of Harrowsmith

The following are some concept drawings for the dragons contained in the Kingdom of Harrowsmith and its border areas. My daughters wanted to know what the dragons looked like so here we go. The Feathered dragon is the only ‘unique’ design as I have combined the look of a vulture with a snake and added talons to the wing tips. The water dragon is modeled after a frog, the ice dragon after a polar bear cub, the fire dragon after a gecko, and the jumping dragon after a flea. Please leave comments and let me know what you think! 🙂

Kingdom of Harrowsmith v2.1

The Kingdom of Harrowsmith v2.1

This is a labled version of the map of the fictional universe I created for my daughters.

The whole reason I made this map was for myself. I added names of places and map details so it’s easier for me to write. Now it’s a fun addition to the story for the girls. They say it’s just like Dora! I print it off and they can follow along on the map as the Princesses go on their adventure.