Ben fucking Caplan, bitches!

Ok. So it’s just Ben Caplan but this was a phenomenal show. Ann Marie calls him ‘Tooth Beard’. I love his sound.



Econoline Crush concert.

Remember them!? 1998! Sparkle and Shine! All That You Are! Yeah, they didn’t play any of that. They’re totally heavy metal now. Not my thing but they still put on a hell of a show. The guitar player looks like Keith Richards, the bass player looks like Dwayne The Rock Johnson, the Drummer totally let himself go, and I don’t even know what to say about the lead singer. Respect for soldiering on but I remember the singer making thinly veiled allusions to himself being broke, wishing he had a mansion, etc. It was a bit sad. Music rocked though.


Econoline Crush, The Mansion, Kingston, Ontario, 2015

A band called Lost Cousins opened for them. They were not memorable.


Lost Cousins, The Mansion, Kingston, Ontario, 2015