In a foxhole.

I sketched my fire-team partner while in a fox hole in Meaford, ON.

Portrait Dean_Meaford


Sergeant L’s Army.

Went to Meaford for basic training in 2000. My contract at the Mess hall was expiring and I had to make tuition. My friends Scott, Rob and Chad were going into the army reserves so, without thinking twice, I joined up.

Every military course is usually celebrated with a course t-shirt. The word got out that I was training to be a graphic designer so I was tapped to design the shirt. It was a negative experience at the time because I was neither a trained graphic designer nor familiar with ‘industry standards’. Now, as a seasoned graphic designer I would have asked for samples, went with the flow, and expanded or improved what had come before.

So we, not knowing anything were keen on featuring our platoon sergeant on his Harley on our t-shirt. This is not as cool as it sounds. Thankfully, we were talked out of using the phrase, “Drive the body, L—-‘s Army!” Any soldier can tell you that it’s not any one man or woman’s army. We were young. We didn’t know any better. Anyways, here’s a sketch of the shirt. We ended up with a more refined and inked version of the centre sketch. It was white ink on black. It looked terrible when it was done. Mission: Failed.

Good learning experience though. 🙂

Army Basic Course T-Shirt