My flower garden helpers.

I love pansies. They’re bright, tough, you can get them out early, and they last all summer! Here’s Charlotte and Evie helping with the early garden work. ūüôā



Watch the world collectively forget.

I’m going to make a bet with myself. I will bet that, years from now, this entry will catch my eye and I’ll reread it and laugh.

I predict that the Panama Papers Scandal (PPS) will pass without significant change. At the moment¬†people are demanding jobs, heads, and change! As many-a-scandal before,¬†over time, we will hear about it less and less.¬†Our outrage will be subdued by one speech and inaction after another and we’ll lose interest. Like the NSA/Snowden scandal we’ll be mad for a while. The powers that be will dance around, maneuver, and eventually decide to do nothing. We’ll resign to the fact that, like the NSA, we can’t change this¬†and move on.

The rich control the world. Are you surprised? Do you¬†expect that this will change? There are well funded laboratories around the world producing research papers and data that deny climate change. Why? Because the rich pay them to. Why? So it looks like they’re doing something about the problem.

Change the laws! We’re upset now. The world is unfair. Yada yada yada. The PPS loopholes will be closed and Panama will lose billions of dollars in shell¬†businesses. Those same shell companies will move and set up somewhere else that respects the privacy of the rich, has thicker doors on¬†their vault, and an even more secure server than Mossack Fonseca.

How many people will go to jail? I predict none.¬†The rich are being implicated and presidents are resigning,¬†big deal! We keep thinking about things in terms of the poor. They don’t need their jobs like we do.¬†People like David Cameron are¬†more upset about the loss of their privacy than the revelation that he’s evading taxation. {Irony. #Snowden}

Is it tax evasion if it’s legal?¬†I find it’s best to think of it as decriminalized tax-evasion. Is it still illegal? Eh.. yes?¬†If trade agreements between two nations compliment laws to¬†allow tax shelters¬†with a very low risk of getting caught¬†how can it be taken seriously as a crime?

Wesley Snipes did three years at McKean Federal Correctional Institution for tax evasion. Snipes boldly declared he would not pay taxes and associated with tax evasion groups. The IRS waited for the best time to achieve maximum penalty.¬†{What a dummy}¬†These shell corporations protect¬†their true owners with privacy laws. The appointed nominees to be the face of the country work and live in Panama. It’s all part of the plan. This¬†is the worst case scenario for Panama, but it’s the¬†built-in safeguard the¬†involved elite were promised.

Imagine a store where the dress code is balaclava’s only, there’s no¬†recording devices anywhere, they sell alibis at the door, all the merchandise and cash are on the counters, and the staff has been instructed to look the other way.¬†Is it still shoplifting?

City of Ember Meme

Hayden concert.

Went to the 20th anniversary tour for¬†Everything I long for at the Grad Club. It was amazing. He forgot some lines of songs he hadn’t played in a while, accidentally played verses twice, and got a total stranger to play on stage for one of his songs. It was authentic, honest, and a great musical experience!

2016-04-04 Hayden Concert.JPG

Hayden, The Grad Club, Kingston, Ontario, 2016

I actually talked to Hayden this time and asked him to sign my record. I loved how friendly he was so I mentioned the time I burst into his dressing room drunk in Montreal wearing a homemade Hayden t-shirt with his name spelt incorrectly on it. After saying hello to¬†the opening act when she flew into the dressing room saying, “Paul you’re not going to believe it there was a guy wearing a Hayden t-shirt!” I proceeded to tell him how he needs to do a better job marketing. What a dummy.

I got the feeling he remembered me. If not me then definitely the incident in question. LOL