I lost my marbles a long time ago.


god bless you old woman.

Swinging my bag over my shoulder
Arm stuck in the grocery store
odd voice rings thru my headphones
Jesus loves you god bless you.

The young they laugh and mock her
The atheists scream and shout
What I heard was I love you
And I want everything in your life to work out.

Well I’m scared all the time
In I don’t know what I believe
But that old woman made me smile
in sharing her way to perceive.

the old woman in the store that day
wasn’t there the next time I went
maybe given or hope dried up
I’d like to think she’ll never stop

Half Moon Bay, Ottawa, 2006

I am going to try and get some older work online. I realized that some of my favourite pieces of portfolio work aren’t online. Note: This is not a piece of portfolio work but I like it. Fresh back from my trip from Newfoundland in 2005, I created this beautiful logo for a new Ottawa neighbourhood. I based it on a photograph I took of a lake near my grandparent’s house where the trout fishing is surreal. Please forgive the film-based camera. The iPhone wouldn’t change the world for another 2 years. Of course the moon and the stargazers were my creative addition.

Twillick for blog


Jedi vs. Hobbits

The beginnings of the podcast in logo form. Now it is a small discussion board on facebook.

Andrew Sutton, R.G.D.

Six months ago I started a podcast. ‘Jedi vs. Hobbiits’ has a simple wordmark and in trying to create a real logo I ended up laying out an illustration. I’m not quite sure how it could be a logo. But it will make some darn good posters–Which I will, of course, upload for all to see. 😉

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