My Virginal Eliza.

God damn! No matter what happens that is good I cannot be happy with ex GFs. It’s because she is getting laid and I am not? I guess we’ll find out when I do and see how I feel.

As for sex I find myself flung all over the place looking for love. Hell I am even picking up chicks off the net. It’s weird. But if it gets me something I am all for it. {Did it get me something? No.} But don’t get my wrong I am not going to be a slut. {I really wish I had been a slut. I can count a half-dozen times in my life I said no to sex and I have no idea why… } I just want something to feel good after finding out my little virgin Eliza is dinkin’ {Lovely. LOL} and engaged to a 21 year old. {*gasp* LOL} 

She is planning on waving her ring in my face when she comes to St. Lawrence. Well, all I can hope for is that her artistic lacking is to my benefit when she is not accepted. {Damn dude that’s cold.} Or she may be accepted and this joke of a man may ail after he fingers her a few times and gets the golden shower. Or he may be like me and accept that she does that, but I wish her the worst and I nevefr do that. {Yeah, what gives? I don’t know if my journal will mention this fact but it’s weird so I’m going to pop it in here for a fun-fact. Before Gord Emily dated Dan. After me Eliza dated the same Dan. Very weird.}


What a loon.

Well I passed! So no worries there anymore. No wI just want to kick back and relax, but wait, I work full time and the Nazi Slave Kitchen. {Oh dude, you have no idea… Gross misunderstanding of the words Nazi and slave aside you’re complaining about $12.85/hour for 36-48 hours a week… you’re only 18 years old! 16 years later minimum wage is still only $10.75. That was a great job. Wash pots for 12 hours and walk away with $125.00. What a whiner.} It’s starting to get hot over there now so I’m going to start sweating the pounds off soon enough. {Waaaa, waaaa.}

That’s ok, tons of work means tons of fun, money and pussy. Wee Haw! {Well you’re right about the money anyway…}

So I went out with Leyna, but failed to call her back fro another date until 3 or 4 days later. I think that’s why she just wanted to be friends but she may not have liked me, could be anything. When i really think about it I don’t think we would have gotten along because she never really talked at all. I did 80% of the talking on the whole date. We saw a movie so there was only like 2 hours before the movie that I had to fill but it was hard.