I’m looking. Not finding. 

Definitely Trying.

To attach myself to something worthy of a note.

for a song that means nothing

there is definitely something

that can keep your attention long enough to quote.

get to the point I think I will

but I’ve gotten my point across so

for me to say anything more might be a wash.

So I’ll take your ears and take

 them for a walk around the block

a walk so long you might just have forgot that you were listening at all

I almost thought I had a song but after careful 

consideration it’s clear while writing I’ve hit a wall.

Todd’s an asshole.

You knock a woman up. You take your lumps.
It was an accident. I get it. Don’t be a chump.
You said you’d be a dad so we don’t expect less
It’s a baby boy your heart leapt from your chest. 

I met the fire that you started years ago
And that beautiful person make it last I know
She was trouble I liked her from the start.
I loved your boys yeah they stole my heart. 

He was beautiful any fool could see that.
Why did you leave those boys?
What did you do that for?
How could you hurt my friend?
You’ll know you’re mistake before the end. 

Someone should have told you it was wrong
To turn and walk out on your sons
And not to have the decency to hide
So he won’t see you when he can’t be with you all the time. 

You played games with his friends mom man that’s not cool
She was a friend to you both how’s this in you to do?
I mean we all get sad and low but this is weak.
She trusted you. She trusted you.

half songs that won’t come together annoy me.

in a cage of my own anxiety
early morning some November day
Nikki says that Sam’s leaving
says he won’t even talk about it.

I wrote a letter I never delivered
I guess he wanted more
What Sam wanted was in Lisa
It wasn’t in Nikki anymore.

Got really stoned and took it out on his new boo
He got mad and I told him fuck you too.
not my best moment. but I was going through
hard times myself. what can you do.

When your best friend isn’t your friend anymore
I wish I knew why. I wish I knew more
My friend won’t talk to me anymore

When you can’t trust the one you’ve trusted the most.

He can make you cry with a single word
these are dangerous weapons in the hands of your enemy.

four years old and never had a birthday party.

they’d rather think of themselves




so her ass looks good in those jeans but can she make me laugh or dream
and when she rubs my head at night will I think everything is alright

so she puts a little wiggle in her hips but can she still my heart with a kiss
and can she make my house a home and make me feel like I belong

Sulla, my favourite.

Sulla crossed the Palmarium violating everything Romans held dear.
Did he do so without sadness? Did he do so without fear?

When the cat goes south the mouse will play.
Africa was not nearly far enough away.

Marius could not face the lion. 17 days was all he could bare.
The lion’s lair is dangerous though the lion be not there.