Silent, idle, and ignored.

society in first worlds have reached a point
where people have just enough to not become upset

We’re too afraid to step outside our comfort bubble
We’ve got a culture moderated by distraction

Too concerned with porn star kim kardassian

don’t be sad be mad and tell a legal voter to get up off their ass


wtf was I on when I wrote this?

i ordered your drink order at Starbucks without even thinking about it. 

If I knew what I know now I’d have asked every girl I met to see her tits. 

I’d look like an asshole but the law of probability also states that I’d see some tits.

dick in hand stroke it gently. my mind is non-functional listening intently.


sleep is a shark afraid I’ll see mr clark
a fight each night the dark then sunlight

I’m not a beast but not a priest
and in God we trust, well some of us

my faith is frayed faithless today
hard to believe doesn’t matter to me

airplanes and crows

I’m a lost boy watching the Pan fly
why is he so special? why aren’t I
what is Tinkerbell’s pixie dust in limited supply
don’t ask questions. Don’t you dare cry

airplanes and crows always remind me of home
but there’s no planes that fly in a snowstorm
and you never hear the crows when you’re dry and warm

I mourn I lost all hope in my life
forgive me my sins I beg Jesus Christ
You know I’ll find out every time that you lie
I’ll never be your favourite son mom will I


roller coaster

We ditch our friends, stay home and binge all weekend
watch all six seasons of sex and the city like it’s never going to end.
I love it and you promise you wont tell my friends
then we laugh because you know I’ll tell them anyway

When grandma died I held your hand while you cried
and you hold mine when I’m panicking in the middle of the night
and then we laugh because what else can you do?

I love you. We face each day together. And at night. We sleep until it’s gone.

I convinced you to go with me on a roller coaster ride
and I’ll admit I got a kick out of the fear in your eyes
the joke was on me when it made me think I was going to die
And then we laughed and we’ll never do that again

we decided on kids when we were drunk on New Years Eve
Looking back I think it may have been slightly ill-conceived
wouldn’t trade them for a billion dollars in that you can  believe
And then we laugh… because we’ve thought about it.

I love you. We face each day together.
We’ll go outside. No matter the weather.
and then we sleep. Until it’s gone.