Our formal. :)


Emily and I are very much in love. We make love every couple of days. We don’t see each other very often (or not as much anyways) so when we do see each other we become very sexual, very fast, usually leading to making love. I do not know if it is normal for 17 year olds to have sex every two or three days {Jesus I worry about everything! Why can’t I just take some joy?} but we do and we are very happy with it.

We went to the formal together and I paid, well it was a present from my parents, for us to stay in the Holiday Inn overnight. We stayed up until 4:00am. We watched a PPV movie and ate out of the mini bar.

After the movie we started kissing. One thing led to another and we made love. It was beautiful but what I loved the most was that we slept together afterward. We spent all night in each other’s arms. It was a very joyful experience.

We woke up together and ordered home fries and strawberries for breakfast.

We showered together. First time for me. I don’t know about her. {Wow. I’m beginning to see where this relationship took a down-turn in my mind. Gord really fucked me up.} She washed my hair. I washed hers too. We started to fool around with warm water falling over us and our naked bodies pressed together. I slid into her. It was amazing but so tiring that we moved to the bed. We were interrupted twice by the knocking of the manager because we were past checkout but it was so passionate that we each wanted another orgasm before we got ready to leave. We got them.