Virginal villainy.

you can’t play the virgin and the villain
but you think you can, yeah you do.

I can’t say absolutely or for certain
what people think of you, but I know what I do. 

knowing everybody wants and your the only one who’s gots
makes you feel good, don’t it.
you said you were powerless to stop it
but you wanted it, so own it.


I can say but I know that you know this
you hurt people just in case you didn’t notice
I thought we were in love
but I guess that I was wrong.

Your step dad touched you and your mom calls you a whore, no I get it.
That’s only going to stop you from getting what you want if you let it.
Loyalty is a word you’ve never heard before
I see that, now.
and you and me was clearly a joke but
I don’t see, how.


I know now but I need for you to know this
you hurt people even if you never notice, yeah
I see now for you ‘in love’
is just a song.

I’ve taken three minutes of your time
so that I could make you hear me
there’s no difference between asking me to go
and forcing me to leave

all you had to do was tell me it’s over
and you wanted to be with him
but making sure i came home to walk in on
you’s got to be a sin

now i don’t care that you regret it
or you called it a mistake
this is a relationship baby
you can’t have and eat your cake

what i want to make clear before the curtain closes
in-love for me is not sunshine and roses
but after what you did to me
i’m sure that it’s over.