Side garden done!

Side garden is complete! Have a look and see. 🙂 I wanted Ann Marie to be able to envision the garden with me so I marked all the bulb positions with little skewers with masking tape flags on top. Charlotte helped me place all the flags. She wanted to watch TV more than plant the bulbs though so I let her go.

After covering the side garden with mulch (it only takes two bags and I bought 7) I covered my garlic with mulch as well. I have yet to see if the chipmunks and squirrels will dig into it.

I also got another tip from Suburban Homestead to plant Zinnias and Marigolds so I will make sure I do that too. 🙂


I think a few flowers popping out of my veggie gardens will not be unwelcome.


Marigolds are even more beautiful. 🙂



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