Time Giant concert.

These guys were interesting… their sound was rock, their look was 80s metal, and they played a sax. Pretty damn good live music.

Time Giant March 1, 2014.jpg

Time Giant, The Mansion, Kingston, Ontario, 2014

Sex Ray Vision concert.


They’re metal but they’re awesome. The lead singer is the bass player and all of their songs have an excellent groove.

March 1 2014 Sex Ray.jpg

Sex Ray Vision, Mansion, Kingston, Ontario, 2014

They had two opening bands.

First on the stage was MENEW. They’re forgettable except for the light show. They had a foot switch control board and their music was timed with lights. That was pretty neat.

MENEW Mansion Feb 28.jpg

MENEW, The Mansion, Kingston, Ontario, 2014

Then there was Terrestrial. These guys are cool and put on a good show. A Town In Caves played with them at the Mansion and at the Artel.

Feb 28 2014 Terrestrial Mansion.jpg

Terrestrial, The Mansion, Kingston, Ontario, 2014