Single box update garden plan 2017.

No cherry trees or peach trees just yet. Tucked the compost away under the lilac bush. Will let the lilacs expand their territory around the compost I think. Will have extra pots once this is done. I am so excited to get to next summer and see where this all goes.

Backyard Garden Plan 2017.jpg


Epic garden boxes and garden plans for 2017 and 2018.

So I have decided to make some pretty epic garden boxes. They’re going to be 4 feet wide by 16 feet long by 3 feet deep with dividers every 4 feet or so for stability.

I was originally planning two of these monsters but after planning out a garden for two you can see I ran out of things to plant given my gardening goals.

My goals :

  1. Pickled cucumbers (with peppers and cauliflower).
  2. Pickled carrots (with peppers and cauliflower).
  3. Big batch of tomato-basil soup that I can freeze or bottle.
  4. Big batch of potato-leek soup that I can freeze or bottle.
  5. Minced and bottled garlic.
  6. Pick and eat Zucchini, Broccoli, and lettuce.

When I had reached my goals I realized I still had two empty 4′ x 4′ boxes. I decided to transplant my three strawberry plants into one box and add 11 more!? Nope. This garden plan is overshooting my goals by a long shot. Going to save the below plan for my 2018 garden.

scan (1).jpg

For 2017 I am only going to build one epic garden box. Same size but I will lay it out more conservatively to achieve the same goals without going overboard.


As you can see there’s plenty of room and I’ll just focus on fewer plants. I still might transplant the strawberries into the empty box. I like the idea of having my own strawberry patch. 🙂

Flailing a little bit.

A lot of distractions have kept me off point this week; weed, kids, chores, Ann Marie, fatigue. Saturday was really my only day of practice / writing. I have done some scales and I was back in choir this week so I sang at least three times this week for over an hour. I guess that’s o.k. Tonight is music lessons. After scales and running through Born and Raised I have one new song I can go over with Michelle then I can read her the poem The Encroaching Haze. I am setting my goal for this week to practice scales, Born and Raised, and finish Fuck your stupid horse and Electric walls. Pretty soon I’m going to have to record these and get them on YouTube so visitors can hear them. One step at a time.

Apple, peach, and cherry?

So peaches grow in Ontario! Didn’t know that. In my mind they were a tropical fruit. So now I want one in my back yard. Trouble is I need two to pollinate. The same is true with cherries. Apple trees don’t need an exact match–any apple tree will do–so the neighbour’s crab apple tree and our crab apple tree in the front yard will suffice. Need to really think about the plan though.

I’ve also landed on the dimensions for the garden boxes. 4 foot wide but 16 feet long and 4 feet deep. The cages will be 2 feet high so this contraption will be my height. Still thinking about it. Going to be pretty nuts.

I found them!

Eureka! This is what I’ve been looking for!


It’s a garden box with a hinged cage on top. This is what I need to keep my carrots, lettuce, potatoes, zucchinis, onions, tomatoes, garlic, beets, and radishes safe from birds, squirrels and chipmunks!


This setup will work perfect for the soy beans and cucumbers I’m planning on growing vertically against the shed.

I will definitely need help to build these. They’re not as basic as shelving. I have already sent a message to Mike and Dad.

Updated garden plan. If I can pull this off 2017 will be an epic year!

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 11.13.29 AM.png


Choir troubles.

Mr C holds a little piece of my wife’s heart and I was so pleased that I was going to get to spend time with him and I was very much looking forward to getting to know him.

Sadly it was not to be. He was not willing to work with Michael and quit choir after only three weeks. I had been told Michael was arrogant and pompous. It is not in my character to judge a person based on hearsay and I had not seen this in him for myself until Wednesday night. Wednesday night there was tense confrontation over silly, simple matters. I am not surprised Mr. Candido quit as Michael is a very proud man. Mr Candido taught music for decades. It is sad that he did not want to teach us but I completely understand that he does not want to spend his remaining time butting heads with someone unwilling to learn this late in his life. I wish Michael could have seen what Mr. Candido had to offer. I will mourn this loss. I could tell Marie was pissed off about it as well. I spoke gently about it with Cynthia and I could see in her eyes the same frustration but I know the line she walks so I changed the subject.

The encroaching haze.

So in 2011 I have a nervous breakdown. It took me a few months of suffering before I talked to a doctor and got some help. After asking if I was suicidal (I was but said I wasn’t because I didn’t want to be committed.) he prescribed me some anti-anxiety SSRIs. They were mind altering. In particular this one drug, lorazepam, just wiped the brain clean. Within minutes of taking it you were not just relaxed but content and happy in such a way that nothing bothers you; work, money, life, death; nothing. The only other time I felt like that was when I smoked weed in high school.

After taking loraz one night I started writing this poem and kept writing as I drifted into it’s encroaching haze.

Trying to feel more sane.
Trying to do these things.

Took my pill just now.
Only seconds to say just how.

No stress. No pain.
No sadness. Wow.

It’s all perfect here…
in the cloud.

Take it again you can see it’s gone.
Tell me again how long is not long.

‘need drugs to live’ writ on my tomb.
For all to see when loved ones loom.

I’ll nurse this snake back to health
to bite me as soon as it’s well.

Did I miss something or did we?
It’s in the fabric of reality.

Took my pill I’ll once more whirl.
Train of thought not long for the world.

Weeks since pills kept thoughts in place
Brain too weak, vacant, out of phase.

Panic melts and colors rush in
I’m gone but I can now function.

That’s it for the sitting when I wrote this but I later wrote a couple of options for a chorus if I were to take this poem to the song level.

Option 1

Light a fire. Watch it burn.
Ashes to ashes soon your turn.
Watch as embers lose their life
You tell me why I should fight.

Option 2

Benzo balm soaks through my brain.
Surrender the fight. A coward? Damn right.
At least I’ll sleep tonight.

I flip flop. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Adulting sucks.

Woke up at 6:30 am to kids banging around upstairs. I had the genius idea of letting my kids do a double-sleepover. So as I am cleaning up from a 7 am pancake breakfast I wrote a song in my head about a responsibility free life. I called it ‘Adulting sucks’.

Don’t want a cat
Don’t want a dog.
                      C                      D           G 
Don’t want any responsibility at all.

Don’t want more kids.
Yeah, two will do.
                        C                                   D                     G
You can have more if that’s what you want to do.

C                       D                G
Give me my acoustic guitar
             C                   D                       G
pot of coffee and a garden in the yard.
C                         D               C                        D
I’ll pick my life away with sunshine on my face
e      f             G
that sounds great.

Don’t want a car.
Yeah, not at all.
C                           D              G
Don’t want to spend my Saturdays at a mall.

Don’t need more money
Cuz’ singing’s free
                       C                     D                    G
and you can be as free as you want to be.

C                       D                G
Give me my acoustic guitar
             C                                D                     G
Sunny Saturdays and my garden in the yard.
C                         D               C                        D
I’ll sing my life away with sunshine on my face
e      f             G
that sounds great.

e      f             G
Yeah so great.

e      f             G
God that’d be great.

C   G/B  Am  e  f  G

C G/B Am a b G


That giant pile.

All my plans for 2017 will be moot if I don’t get the shed, water barrels, and planter boxes ready for spring.

The plan:

  1. Eavestrough for shed. (Needs Rain Barrels In Place)
  2. Rain Barrels in place. (Needs dirt pile filtered and relocated.)
  3. Filter and relocate dirt pile. (I’m bloody well trying!)

That pile is huge and when you can only filter one or two shovel full at a time it’s arduous work. It’s about half of what’s shown in this picture:


but I still have a wood pile to contend with as well.

After that’s done I want to build some covered boxes but I am not sure how exactly to go about doing that. Would like my dad’s input so I might send him an email.

Here’s some pictures of what I’m thinking about.



These are the cleanest looking covers I could find. Building them seems like a challenge though. Might have to go with a square frame.

These are neat and tidy. It’s important that whatever I do doesn’t become a sloppy mess but I also don’t necessarily require straight lines either. I do have to keep the chipmunks, squirrels, and birds out as well.