Mazinaw Lakeside Resort jamboree!

So two summers in A Town In Caves we played at Mazinaw Lake. It was an awesome time. They fed us and we got our fill of booze and a free place to sleep for the night. It was awesome! We played in a transport truck trailer with the side cut off. Very cool improvised stage. I was still really nervous and I never got many pictures. This is our drummer Dustin getting ready to jam with someone I don’t remember. I think that’s my bass though. LOL



Murney Tower.

spread sunlight on a hilltop
the stillness soothes my brain
this is my moment in time

I know the waves don’t see me
rocks are not bothered by my footsteps
my purpose is not clear

horizon veiled in fog and cloud
parallels my state of mind
all I have are questions

the breeze grows stiff and cold
sunlight struggles to keep me warm
our star cares not for me

I don’t know why I try
I don’t know why I can’t sleep at night
The damp embrace follows me 

everywhere I go
everywhere I go
everywhere I go