disconnect to witness reality.

the curious clergy inventing metallurgy
chain mail and plate spreading obedience with rage
centuries later forming circles of uranium
minerals to electricity opens minds to chemotherapy

hundred years from now I’m wondering how
treating sick with radiation or chemical sedation
might look to a generation with a future education
the age of ignorance passes as a new age dawns

while you were sleeping kings and bishops turned us into pawns
you might have been too why don’t you think for yourself?
your heads up your ass with your eyes on your cell
inconceivable vastness to computation unending

no information evades our new understanding
and while we were praying up to God with his eyes looking down
the worlds been flooded by satellites and cellular phones
existence is change and in constant flux 

whats true one minute may not be the next
and remember that minutes were invented by man
all life is an illusion see through if you can.
we can do anything we as a species will truth

put a human being on Mars if thats what we want to do
invent new technology to help us take stride
new tools for building or helping  save lives
quantum linking starts me thinking

atoms formed in stars connected so far
like the pathways life forms in our mind
interstellar thought with no regard for time
our entire galaxy could be one mind. 

once we were the axis but now we spin round
heaven in the sky and hell underground
discovery from ideas from vivid daydreaming
my ideas are theories until they’re disproven

i see more great arks in our future voyage
entire generations spent traversing the void
bringing our life as we know it to those distant stars
a fantastic beginning i think unto mars