Out from the rain.

You wait for me to leave so you can cry.
I’m here for you if you need me.

Don’t think like that. I need you too.
Pull your head out from the rain.

I’d love to see you well again
but it doesn’t work that way.

Of all things you want not to die.
Pull your head out from the rain.

I’m here again can I do anything?
You can’t do a God damn thing.

Falling water cares not for us.
Pull our heads out from the rain.


Rambling on and on…

Where do songs come from? In my case they come from a word catching my ear. Being tickled by a turn of phrase. For example reading Pamela Des Barres’ Let’s Spend the Night Together I heard these words; “Dishing out damp dreams to horny strangers” about a groupie’s time as a burlesque dancer and just loved the way it sounded so I wrote it down. 

I love the Bible. Verses like “in the beginning there was the word and the word was with God“, that stuff is awesome. 

Speaking of the bible I watched a YouTube video breaking down the tolkein mythology and found many phrases striking but “not tied to the music of creation” was most striking.

Too many years spent chasing paper fortune forsaking the riches of life.” came from a Ken Williams quote in the book Hackers by Steven Levy.

A story my wife’s cousin Mel told me about her first biopsy when she had cervical cancer struck me so I wrote it down, “The first time I went alone. All I wanted was to hug my mom. I drove stoned from the treatment to her house to tell her but she wasn’t there. I crawled into her bed and cried. Got up an drove myself to work to pick up my pay check because Tyler wouldn’t. He was too hung over and my mom was too busy with work.“… Powerful stuff, right? 

Other times (like all of the following) something will just pop into my head and I’ll think it sounds cool. Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn’t. It all gets written down. What follows is all leftovers; garbage; thoughts that faded before they elaborated themselves into songs.

Life after death
i don’t see it
campaign promises
can’t believe it. 

The lines of clouds are crisp today

Here we are again sitting in front of snow?

How long will it last? You ask.
I tell you I don’t know. 

a lot on my mind.
going to dump it.
hope I’m not too late.
Hope i don’t do too much damage
for my mothers sake. 

the way i feel tonight
i may never be happy again
and at the same time i mourn
three years lost of life
these conflicting emotions do things to my mind

i don’t expect anyone to understand
beyond reason just feelings
not pain or sadness i begin to understand. 

do not dismiss miracles as mere coincidence
put the magic back in life and press your face against the glass. 

your dream self is painfully shy.
like rain when i can see the sun
you’re cold to me but warm to everyone

you’re in need?
i believe you
i believe you can fuck off
i believe you have the need to make me as cynical as you 

I’ll write about it for hours but no I don’t want to talk about it 

fellas, keep a close eye on your gal. gals keep both eyes on your fellas.
I know more people fucking round on their other than are loyal.
fidelity is dead. no one gives a fuck. 

That hair, not real.
those clothes, chosen for them.
that smile, it’s real.
but it’s not for you.

it’s like, falling in love with plastic.
we can make it, anyway you want it.
we can even make, you think you can’t live without it.
but in the end, you just fell in love with plastic.

they sing a song, straight into your heart.
that song wasn’t written for you baby, but 1 billion teenage hearts

got into a fight via text
with my best friend
over something really stupid
i couldn’t help but offend

i guess i lost my mind
and my friend
all in one move
now this is the end

if you don’t treat people right
they’re going to hate you

you think they’re mad about you said
thats good for a start
how about you don’t respect
who they are 
at the heart 

if you think thats bad
oh it gets worse
you’re not the first friend I’ve lost over words 

if you don’t treat people right
they’re going to hate you 

Who Rules The World.

After finishing the book Who Rules The World? by Noam Chomsky I had trouble sleeping. It was a great book. Chilled me to the bone with cold hard facts and the lies used to cover them up. Pretty unreal things. The following are quotes I wrote down while reading the book;

  • Those beaten by the club might view it quite differently.
  • Only the weak and defeated are called upon to pay for their misdeeds.
  • Kill millions of peasants on the Plain of jars to keep their bombs from collecting dust
  • Colossal lies in service of the state.
  • Stanislav Petrov saved the entire world by refusing to fire nuclear missiles at the USA. How come nobody knows that?
  • NATO exists to manage the risks that are created by its very existence.
  • Add to read list, “Kill Chain – Polk”.
  • Psychs-Peko transformed relatively quiet provinces of the Ottoman Empire into some of the least stable and most internationally explosive states in the world.