A solid use of my time.

It’s been many months since my last confession. {You joke but you’ll be Catholic one day funny man!}

After Lisa I calmed down. I let everything go and passed first semester. I have to get 65% in techniques II to get the credit for techniques I. I was cool until after Christmas. They’re the depressive months of the year and I was just down.

My friends were there the whole way. Even through the self destruction phase. I never wanted to die, but there were weeks and days I just didn’t care about my life or future.

We (Jeff, Chad, Adam, and Bob) found ways to entertain ourselves. Pylons, eggs, racing around on the track, stealing street signs and getting drunk in our basement on Fridays.

All of which we got in trouble for, except for the eggs, street signs and pylons.

  • We all went down to the catholic high school to kick some ass on this kid that owed Chad 40 bones.
  • Jeff and I stayed up all night stealing pylons just to put them on Chad’s car.
  • And the one thing that chad does not know about: Taking the tires off his car in the middle of the night.

We’ve done a lot of stupid shit and we’ve paid our fines, but it was too much fun for our own good.