corpses and whores

Set the world ablaze amidst cries for peace
tore boots from bare feet over populous screams
child at prayer with no hope for this gory scene
taking your sons and leaving no trace of your father
torn from your home for this bloody slaughter
leave lonely the flesh of your wives and daughter’s

drinking poison laced water our throats are hoarse
Wretched itching and charred burnt flesh and sores
acid gas rotten lungs burnt flesh and worse
men infesting the carcass of every dead horse
we stink of dead horse dead horse and worse
we infest dead horse and dream only of whores
we get out of our horses go into the whores
we go into the whores and come out worse

built to burn macrame and stone walls fall
serfs marched to death beholden not to themselves
our fire razed history and great marbles fell
victorious march over muck bloodied creeks
corpses lay lost prone corrupted amongst twigs
hunks of meat maggot meals ripe smelling so sweet
shadows pass on what once we knew as the light
mistakes we renew and cause life to take flight
patres ex mortuis no cue we reject your insight


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