roller coaster

We ditch our friends, stay home and binge all weekend
watch all six seasons of sex and the city like it’s never going to end.
I love it and you promise you wont tell my friends
then we laugh because you know I’ll tell them anyway

When grandma died I held your hand while you cried
and you hold mine when I’m panicking in the middle of the night
and then we laugh because what else can you do?

I love you. We face each day together. And at night. We sleep until it’s gone.

I convinced you to go with me on a roller coaster ride
and I’ll admit I got a kick out of the fear in your eyes
the joke was on me when it made me think I was going to die
And then we laughed and we’ll never do that again

we decided on kids when we were drunk on New Years Eve
Looking back I think it may have been slightly ill-conceived
wouldn’t trade them for a billion dollars in that you can  believe
And then we laugh… because we’ve thought about it.

I love you. We face each day together.
We’ll go outside. No matter the weather.
and then we sleep. Until it’s gone.



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