Learning a lot…

So of all the things I’m learning in the garden this year (my first real attempt at a big garden) timing is the most important.

I grew zucchinis, tomatoes, and cucumbers inside and they took no time at all before they had outgrown their shelf. I was struggling to keep them under control and they were starving for sunlight and soil. That was dumb. They can be planted early May.

On the other hand I planted flowers in May and now have a shelf of 36 marigolds and a shelf of 36 pansies that I’m waiting on. I needed to plant those end March so they would be hearty by May 24.

End of March – Mint, Strawberries, Marigolds, Nolana’s (maybe), and Pansies.
Mid-April for Zinnia’s They grew fast but still went out too early.
Early May – Zucchini’s, Tomatoes, Cucumbers.

That should get me more on track for next year.


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