An email to dad… passive-aggressively begging for help.

Hey dad. I’ve got a huge favour to ask. I know youre busy so how much you can do is up to you.

The chipmunks are back and it won’t be long before they start destroying all my hard work.

Here’s the top of my garden.


I want sides on it like this (without the hinges) I didn’t leave a lot of edge to work with… :


and a top on it like this (without the fold-out-brace-posts)


I  don’t know where to start. I’m willing to put in work but I don’t know what to do.
If you could give me some kind of step-by-step that would help. I just don’t want to get so far in and have to tear it all apart.
I’m also fine with you doing it for me but I know you are busy AF right now with the chickens, gardens, etc.
Much love,

He responded like two minutes later saying “Let me give it some thought”

I’d love to make a day of it and learn from him. But he’s so busy with my mom and their property I dunno if he’ll be able to. He’ll probably just do it for me. We’ll see.


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