Garden update.

Here is the updated sunflower bed. The peas and beans are shot but I’m going to germinate some more soon and I’ll mix them in.


Sunflowers, a pea plant, and a bean plant.


Two acquisitions… Persian Shield on the left, Jewel of the Desert on the right.

I got home last night and got right to work! The first thing I did was pluck dandelions, got the lawnmower started for the first time after winter, and mowed the back yard. It looked gorgeous in the morning sun this am.


Before it got dark I planted my strawberries outside and secured the second trellis. I want to wrap them up the trellis as they grow all summer long.

Then I had to go to bed because it was dusk and the skeeters were getting me.

This morning I went full bore getting things into the dirt outside. All my broccoli and cauliflower ended up in the garden this morning!

IMG_5661.JPGI need to cover the exposed dirt with mulch quickly. I ran out of time. I even had to ask Ann Marie to do the initial watering when she got home because I ran out of time on that too.

Then I was off to the cucumber! These grow fast so I didn’t want them stunted like the zucchinis were inside outgrowing their containers and touching the light.


One problem. I had one planter free and 6 plants! So I put two in the planter and the other four had to go into buckets.


My germination shelf is feeling pretty empty now! Time to get some more going! 🙂


Another addition, Scotch Grass is on the left. 

Soooooo yeah. I’ve been busy.


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