Nursery and a big-ass to-do list.

Went to the nursery for mother’s day. We bought the girls each an interesting plant and we bought Ann Marie a beautiful potted plant for our front porch. (Our front porch is a bit of a sanctuary for us both.) I also got a few hardy, rocky soil plants to try out and am getting more from my mother-in-law; hens and chickens and phlox. I will post photos when they’re all planted.

The shitty thing is it rained all weekend and we were out and about all of Saturday and Sunday for family/fun things. I didn’t get to do much yard work. I weeded dandelions for another 2 hours. I’m down to the short-strokes on it. There’s only a small pocket in the centre of our yard left. So the outdoor to-do list is growing as fast as the grass. I’m half considering just mowing the fuckers down and getting the next batch of flowers as they pop up… errr.


Finish plucking dandelions.

Mow the lawn, whipper-snip.

Add a bucket of lawn clippings to compost.

Broccoli needs to be transplanted outside.
(Add bird netting to planter box.)

Cucumbers need to be transplanted outside.
(Add trellis now or later.)

Strawberries can be transplanted outside.
(Add bird net to strawberries.)

Tomatoes need to be transplanted outside.

I think I can also out my last zucchinis, and blue nolana.

Once I clear out my inside planting containers I need to transplant my pansies and my Mimosa Pudica into better containers.

Just a shit-load to do. 😕


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