Dandelions and a compost.

Decided that I should have started weeding dandelions a week ago today and got out there on my hands and knees this morning. I did about 50 sq ft. in about 30 minutes. I have 10 times that to go. So 4-5 hours are required. That is nothing compared to the first year. The first year we started you could spend 30 minutes sitting cross legged in one spot. They’re sneaky little bastards and they’re great at spreading and hiding. The cool thing is if you keep on top of if the grass fills in around where they weeds used to be and its harder for them to get a foothold. We’re definitely feeling the benefits of weeding for two years in a row although it doesn’t feel that way right now.


This is bout 20-30 square feet’s worth. There was one more pile about the same size. Again, this is nothing. Our grass is really starting to fill in nicely too. Little strawberry plant saying hello in the bottom corner there too. 🙂

Our kitchen compost is full of clean-compost so I needed to sort out our outdoor composting solution sooner rather than later. The only problem was that the spot we agreed that we wanted to put the compost was currently full of rock-filled dirt. So I had to dig out a spot for it.


Sorry for the glare and the shitty image quality. I tried to fix it up as best I could. 

Side note: This back corner is a mess. I’m thinking of going with creeping thyme. It smells wonderful and it would cover this area super nice. It’s a tricky area because…

  • It’s shaded by a lilac bush
  • It only gets direct sunlight from 1 to 6.
  • It’s 50/50 dirt and pebbles. I don’t think it’s very nutrient rich at this point but I can fix that.
  • It’s damp because there’s not much air movement because it is surrounded on three sides.

Anyway back to the composter! Ann Marie and I are always worried about attracting more pests and chipmunks are excellent burrowers. So I lined the underside of this compost with chicken wire.


When I was done with that and it was in place and assembled I put dirt all around the edges again to hide the chicken wire and protect hands from getting poked.


Ta da! Okay it does look like crap. But that’s because it’s sitting in mud/pebbles. Imagine it surrounded by creeping thyme!

Thymus serpyll.jpg

Thymus serpyllum, creeping Thyme.


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