Garden update: produce outside.

My carrots are poking through both in the rows and in the bushel.

Here’s an after and before shot of my cleaned up but badly battered zucchini plant. It’ll be a miracle if this thing gives fruit.

Here’s the raspberry bush. Not only are the leaves coming in but we have new stalks coming up from the earth! 🙂 I will trim off the dead ones tonight or tomorrow. Still need to get the bird netting up on this one but I’m watching it daily so it shouldn’t catch me off guard.

Weird-berry bush has lots of little flowers all over it. Like the raspberry bush I need to get the bird netting up to protect this bush.

The onions and garlic are in the garden and doing fine. The broccoli is showing a nice reddish purple leafy growth that I’m hoping is the flower starting… Fingers crossed.


We’ll see. As I said I’ve been sick for a week so it will take me a few days to get back on track and organized again. Please bear with me.


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