Garden update: flowers.

I had the flu last week so I all but let my garden do its own thing for a week. The weather also took a turn for the nasty with below average temperatures and above average rainfall. Last night we had a touch of FROST! It happened. I knew it could. I just didn’t think it would. I have to remember that.


Our tulips started coming out to join the daffodils last week before I got sick.


My Sky Blue Nolanas have finally flowered!!! 🙂


These are Ann Marie’s violets. As you can see I have restored them to life. She is very happy.


Sunflowers reaching for the-you guessed it-SUN! I will plant them May 24 weekend and let them join their brothers and sisters in the garden… which I didn’t check after the frost this morning… gulp. I’m sure the sunflowers are fine. But I’m pretty sure the beans and peas are fucked.


My sad little decapitated zinnia. I don’t think its coming back. 😦 It will have to be replaced. 🙂


Dandelions are my mortal enemy! I used to think they were a perpetual bully and there was nothing I could do about them. Then we moved to our house and I saw that my neighbour doesn’t have any. I assumed she used pesticides. She doesn’t. She just plucks them as she sees them. Huh. So I started to do that two years ago. The first year was impossible. It felt like I was fighting the tide. Last year wasn’t nearly as bad but still no way I could get them all. This year, as you can see… there’s probably less than 100 in the whole back yard. I’ll get them before they go to seed. Hopefully this weekend.

pansy sprouts.JPG

Pansies are sprouting! 🙂 I love the Pansy. They’re the work-horse of the garden.

Finally, last but not least… I want to leave with a bang…

Profusion knee high red zinnia.JPG

Profusion knee-high red zinnia


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