More germination!

I planted more seeds this morning!

Got my pansies and violas started, 20 seeds each in pods, on plates, in bags, and in the sunshine.

Germinated another 16 sunflowers to really get the side garden going. Once I’ve got a few feet of growth in the side garden’s sunflowers I’ll get the peas and pole beans started.

Here is a picture of the bushels of carrots I planted. We’ll see if it works. If it doesn’t it’s not a big deal. There’s probably 20-30 carrots scattered around just under the soil in each. If I get too many to eat fresh I’m pickling them!


Ann Marie also picked up a composter for $20 from the city.

<Insert Compost Picture here>

Oh and the last one I started this morning was the Mimosa Pudica. This plant is neat! I planted 6 of them. Should be a fun one to show around. It’ll be an indoor plant.


Apple tree getting started. 🙂 


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