Close call.

low temp eek

So after I got all my big plants outside on the weekend I had the sense to check the forecast. LOL Oops. Nothing bad happened but that is a close call. If I can make it through the week though I think we’re home free. It’s raining this week but warm-ish and sunny all next.


strawberries making a comeback

Two strawberry plants look like they’re coming back… one stronger than the other. But not to worry I have 6 more germinated inside and waiting for the weather to be a little more cooperative. 


I went nuts this weekend and got all my big plants outside. It was just in time for a 1 degree night!!! GULP. It didn’t dip below zero and it didn’t frost over thankfully. 

weirdberry plant

My weird-berry busy is doing very well and blooming. I saw many bumble bees gracing it’s petals this weekend while I was outside. I have to get the bird netting up on this thing ASAP or I’ll never find out what it grows.


Gorgeous Zinnia mid-bloom. I can’t wait to see it in full bloom.


With the Buddha watching over my garden what could go wrong?

garden bed update

Attack of the ants! I realized that if I did nothing I would have a HUGE ant problem. There were about 12-14 separate hills all over my yard. None in the fresh compost in my garden thankfully but there were lots of ants crawling around. I usually ignore ant hills but this year I can’t or else my garden will be toast. So I got ant spikes for inside the garden and raid ant-hill pesticide for the hills on the ground. 


Mini-zinnies. (Zinnias) I think… If they turn out blue then they’re Nolanas. But the problem is my organization skills stink so I have a bunch of plants that I have no idea what they are… Oops! 


Buddha sitting among the flowers. 


I think this is as big as marigolds get. … Pretty sure. I’m a rookie so don’t laugh. I thought they got big like sunflowers.

rasperry plant update

Raspberry bush coming back to life slow and steady. I need to get the bird netting on this one too. 🙂 



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