I’m betting the weather network is wrong.

So I’m sitting in my kitchen thinking about my garden. Best part of the day. I was thinking about my plants I put out yesterday. They weren’t dead.


A couple of stems/leaves had snapped but otherwise it was fine. In fact they seemed healthier and happier! Brighter leaves, firmer leaves, just healthier! I snipped off the snapped leaves.


I got excited. Crazy. I had to plant more. LOL I checked the forecast.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 9.37.52 AM.png

I’m betting on the inaccuracy or at least the high numbers of the weather network. I don’t care anymore I just want to plant more! Ha ha ha! I have the bug! So I went inside and grabbed all my green onions! Muah ha ha! I pulled back the garden cover and found a massive spider, tons of earthworms, and this cool little guy (centipede). I saved him for the kids to have a look at.


I also found a seed that had begun sprouting but had not taken root. So I planted it… gotta see what it becomes.

Oh right! So then I put all the onions in the garden and covered the exposed soil with mulch.


New mulch vs. old mulch. Love mulch. Siloé Oliverira says to cover open soil with mulch. 1) It keeps the moisture in. 2) Keeps the weed seeds from landing on open soil. 3) Keeps the soil from splashing onto the leaves of the plants and causing a fungus outbreak.

You can see companion planning at work here! I can’t wait to see it in the summer when I have all my other flowers out! 🙂

My raspberry bush has started to sprout too! I’m so excited! It looked really, really dead and all the bark was peeling off of it so I wasn’t sure if it would come back.


But then….


TA DA! So beautiful.


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