Garden Update: Plants outside!

I know! I know! But I had to. I had to reorganize because the top plants weren’t getting enough light and Ann Marie wanted her patio door back. So I had to get rid of a surface and my big zucchini plants were fucked anyway. They should have been outside weeks ago but the weather was non-cooperative. Anyway the forecast isn’t doom and gloom. It might hold well above zero. There are scary days though.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 1.37.57 PM.png

I’m banking on global warming this year to make sure we don’t have a late frost. I think it’s gone. So this shouldn’t be an issue.


I don’t even know if they’ll survive. They’ve been chilled 4 nights in a row in front of an open patio door. The sun was out this morning but it quickly switched to rain and clouds. So it’s the perfect day for them to be out. *fingers crossed* If I lose them I have 4 more that are younger.

Back to the reorganization: On the top I’ve got my new germinations (tomatoes, zinnias, sunflowers, and carrots) and odd storage, second from the top is my dwarf flowers (marigolds and violets) and newest seedlings (cucumbers / strawberries), second from the bottom, is my cauliflower, peppers, onion and broccoli plants. Evie’s climbing peas are also there in the orange pot. Then on the bottom we have the tall plants. These are my zinnias, Charlotte’s pole bean plant, the remainder of my zucchinis and some random ones I can’t remember what they are. LOL


If my zucchini plants don’t die over the next couple days I think I’ll move my onions into the garden and cross my fingers.


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