“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Ghandi

Went to see Mike’s band last night. Nikki invited me. I thought she was interested in seeing Mike again but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Mike was super excited to see her (and me, but less of course). He was sweet and caring, wanted to know about her kids and stuff. She spent the night texting other guys. Oh well. None of my business. Just feel bad. Nikki wasn’t happy with Mike, can’t force that… but then why did she want to go to his show? I feel like that’s stringing him along a bit.


The band that opened had a cool name and cool album art but their music was lame.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 11.31.34 AM.png

The drummer was kick-ass and the lead guitar was ‘shred-a-rific’ but everything else sounded fresh from the 80s. If that’s what they were going for then they nailed it. There were very exciting moments in the rhythm and lead but they were drowned by an unnecessary rhythm guitar player and straight-eight bass player. The bass player is the drummer’s brother… so… They played the Cochrane song “Big League” and they fucking nailed it. But it isn’t their song. If they wrote and performed their songs with the style and intensity of Big League they’d be onto something. They also kept trying to push their album and t-shirts through the show which would be fine if they were any good…. but.

Hays Code was a good show. Good sound made better by the bass player, Mike. Totally melodic rhythm kept the song pumping along. Bass can really bring a band up to the next level. Otherwise Hays Code is pretty standard 90s fare.

The other thing that was flat-out stupid was that The Overtime Bar, in a small space, with virtually no customers, has their drum set mic’d! The snare drum was causing pain in my ears and the kick I could feel in my liver. NOT PLEASANT. I love loud music and bass I can feel in my body but this was extreme. Had to be dangerous-level-decibels.


Hays Code, April 2017.

Left right after Hays Code and was in bed by 11. I read a couple pages and passed out. 🙂

This morning is gloomy-grey again.

Ann Marie drove me in which is against my rules and I was late for work. It’s just that if I take a ride I get to hang around the house for an extra 20 minutes. I used the time to trim my plants, clean up the kitchen and make myself a decent lunch.

Can’t friggin’ wait for the frost date to pass so I can get my planting ON!

Ann Marie’s final exam is today. She is not worried about it and neither am I. I am still worried about Tuesday’s mark. Today would be something worth celebrating if we knew that she was going to start 4th year in the fall… but.

Practicing guitar in the mornings like crazy right now because Michael’s not going to be at church this week. This is a great opportunity to take the lead. I don’t want to oppress Cynthia but I get the feeling that’s how she is used to things going.

Also got a lot of xixi’s trip roughly plotted out for October. She understands that I’ll still be caring for Ann Marie and the kids so I won’t be up or out too late, etc. We have this as a rough schedule.

October 14: Pick Xixi up in Toronto, go to the AGO, dinner out, and crash at my uncle Neil’s.
October 15: CN Tower, head back to Kingston.
October 16: Weather permitting head to Frontenac provincial park and give her a long hike in autumn leaves. (The leaves was Xixi entire reason for coming in the fall instead of the summer.)
October 17: No plans yet. I’d like to garden. She can drive (if she gets her IDP) or wander around Kingston. We’ll play it by ear.
October 18: Drive to Ottawa. She goes nuts when I say the name Justin Trudeau (“The most handsome man in Canada”) and when I told her we can sit in on a session of parliament she freaked out. I have never seen anyone get excited over a session of parliament. It was pretty funny. While in Ottawa we can go to the art museum, nature museum or the war museum, her call. All three if there’s time?! Who knows. I want to take the kids so we’ll have to head back to Kingston after dinner.
October 19: No plans yet. Same as the 17th. Lots of stuff around the house I’d like to do during my time off no doubt.
October 20: My birthday. Skating at 7pm. This will be when I give her a taste of Kingston night life. Nikki already said she wants to come. I’ll make a facebook event and invite everyone I know out and make a big night of it. She will have a blast.
October 21: Hangover day. Movies. Pizza. McDonalds. Maybe a walk in Lemoine’s point to feed the birds. We’ll see.
October 22: Sunday routine. She actually wants to do the church, visit family, thing. I laughed and told her my family would love to meet her and see who’s been sending me postcards for 5 years. I can show her the 4 wheeler and she can zip around my parent’s property.
October 23: Her birthday. No tourist plans. We’ll do a nice dinner and cake, obviously.
October 24: Have to drive her back to Toronto at 8am. Her plane is at 1pm.

You can already tell the trip is going to FLY BY. I can’t afford to travel but I’m excited to have a foreign friend come and see Canada. Things we have to squeeze in somewhere is downtown Kingston, a KP tour if possible, Fort Henry will be doing Fort Fright and Mike and Millie want to take her to that, the kids want to take her out to Mandarin for “Chinese food” because she’s from China. She wants to see museums in Kingston as well and visit my work. She wants to cook me Chinese dinners and breakfasts. It’s going to be crazy fun. I look forward to blogging about it.




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