24 minutes.

Ann Marie has been in her pass-or-fail (the course) exam for 24 minutes. She’ll be done in two or three hours I guess. I don’t expect her to pass at this point. Her confidence was really low. I’m supportive of course.

How can I say I don’t expect her to pass? There must be some hope inside me or else I wouldn’t be bothered by this so much. I want her to pass with every fiber of my being. I guess I’m holding on to hope. I really don’t want to have to do another year. Even worse I don’t want to do another year only to have this happen in the final lap and not have any more get out of jail free cards!

I will… because I love her and I want her to be happy in life and feel accomplished with herself and successful at the end. I want her to have no regrets and feel like she got everything she wanted out of her time here. I want that and I haven’t figured out what to do if she can’t have that.


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