Do you smell that? I think my brain is burning.

I’m sorry for all the people who like my garden posts but are slapped in the face every once in a while with curse words or panicked titles. If you think it’s bad on my blog just imagine what I have to put up with in my head.

My mind is burning with anxiety today. Ann Marie’s got a sink-or-swim exam tomorrow. It’s pretty much what my life is hanging on right now. Feeling pretty helpless. I know it’s best to ask what you can do to help and if the answer is nothing then stay out of the way. That’s my life, yo. I cook, clean, and take care of the kids. I don’t complain and I try not to let her know when I’m freaking out. But I’m freaking out. Talking about it to her does help but it doesn’t help her. Really just want to get stoned and feel nothing for a while. I won’t but that’s what I want.

The other horse shit thing that fucked me up was last week her teacher said that she needed to pass this exam to pass the course and to contact her today to set up a meeting to go over what she should focus on. That sounds great. She sets up the meeting for 2, goes down to see her teacher at 2, waits behind two students who are not failing who take 30 minutes each, then when her time finally comes at 3 the teacher gives her 10 minutes and runs out to a meeting. I fucking hate it when Ann Marie gets jerked around. She lost two hours of study time for 10 minutes of “get good sleep” and “don’t study in the morning”. MOTHER FUCKER!

This time tomorrow it will be over for better or for worse.


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