He’s gone. Move on.

Caged up in my kitchen writing
a text from Nikki says Sam’s leaving
early November some morning dawning
F                                                         Fadd9   F
sipping my coffee while I’m still yawning.

C, G-Gadd4, Am, F-Fadd9-F

Wrote a letter I never delivered
just wanted better a life without her
told her she was in the way here
and hadn’t been his wife in years.

Quite high I did things that I shouldn’t do
sorry’s a word not my point of view
not my most shiny nor my most true
and now its totally on you drew.

Your best friend is not your friend anymore
I wish I knew why I wish I knew more
can’t trust a person walking out the door
my old friend won’t talk to me anymore.

Cold lonely words always making her cry
four years no birthday no word of a lie
won’t listen to reason won’t even try
letting this moment define her whole life.


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