He’s gone. Move on.

C, G-Gadd4, Am, F-Fadd9-F

sat up in my kitchen writing
text from Nikki says he’s leaving
early November some
mornings dawning
sipping my coffee while
I’m still yawning
Am                       G
Now he’s gone. Now he’s gone.

He’s moved on.

C                                          G
Bad things happen and we’re still here.
Am                                G
people can be so uncaring.
C                                          G
staring at the chaos like, damn… that’s weird.
F                                         C                 G
Do they even care?  Are they still here?

Wrote a letter I never delivered because
just wanted a life without her
told her she was in the way and
F                             C             G
hadn’t really been his wife in years.

C, G-Gadd4, Am, F-Fadd9-F

Angry I did things that I shouldn’t
sorry just feels wrong
when you’re just as wrong as I am

Your best friend is not your friend anymore
I wish I knew why I wish I knew more
can’t trust a person walking out the door
my old friend won’t talk to me anymore.

Cold lonely words always making her cry
four years no birthday no word of a lie
won’t listen to reason won’t even try
letting this moment define her whole life.

our friendship lit so fast
couple drives downtown stepped on the gas
it blew out just as quick
when did you become such a prick
when I say I don’t know you anymore
you’re not the kid I partied with slept on his floor


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