Garden reorganization.

So I had planned to do more chores today but they didn’t get done. I put away laundry, started laundry for this week and then I got into my garden. I lost a couple hours on my garden this morning and then I ate lunch and had a nap. When I woke up I decided it was important to blog rather than to do any real chore. Bad man. Oh well it is my day off.


So my bigger plants were getting too close to the light and my smaller plants were ready for transplant. I also had Charlotte’s bean going out of control. I planted the kids plants into nice pots so they have a better chance to grow. I also pruned and cared for Ann Marie’s grandfather’s violet. She placed the violent on my garden shelf which is passive-aggressive for, .”can you try and save this plant?” I will try. I lowered a shelf to give my taller plants a shelf where they can grow. It was a huge ordeal but I now have two better shelves that should last a little while.


I took the lid off these sprouts and forgot about them for three days. They were bone dry. I put them in a plate of water and will remember to keep them moist going forward.


Here you can see that I threw down some tin foil on the base on both the lowered shelf and the top shelf just to maximize reflection from the light.

The plants are all looking strong.



Here’s the little guys. They’re two weeks behind the stronger ones.

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