Transplanting time!

Hello! Good Saturday morning! I wish every day was a sunny Saturday!

My plants were bursting out of their jiffy pots so it was time to put those Tim Horton’s cups I collected to good use! With my helpy-helperton Evie I cut them down to size, poked the bottoms with a knife, put a little soil in the bottom, popped in the peat-pot, and filled in around them with soil/peat.


If you’re saying to yourself damn, that’s a lot of work, I would say… yah huh. Look at how happy they all are with so much more room to breathe!


Now I don’t know if this was overzealous or not but the roots were sticking out of a lot of smaller pots too so I transplanted the lot of them. So the below pic is of much smaller plants but their roots were out so I assumed they were ready for a bigger pot.


This is also the group that was planted a week later so it’s supposed to be smaller.


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