Oh my God why are women so horrible!

Ann Marie is in the worst group! It’s a group of five and three of the five have “cliqued” off and are screwing over the other two, one of which is Ann Marie!

They set meeting times in spite of Ann Marie’s schedule, they start the meetings late and then when Ann Marie has to leave they decide things “as a group”. They’ve done it up until this point with compassion and understanding. Even yesterday they said they understood that Ann Marie had suffered a loss and they would handle finishing up her portion due yesterday. Ann Marie thought that was super nice of them and even told me about it. Then before bed last night she gets this email:


As you have been previously aware, there has been issue in the past concerning group dynamics. These problems are becoming apparent once again especially concerning fairness of workload, attendance, and meeting deadlines. It has come to our attention that there has been several meetings in which 2 group members have not been in attendance, late, or have exited early. This is concerning for the rest of the group as they have missed out on important decisions, deadline setting, and splitting of workload. There has also been instances in which work has not been complete as per the deadlines and have forced other group members to complete extra work to ensure all components are complete prior to the deadline. This problem has not been addressed in a group meeting because of the lack of attendance of group members and time constraints. As a group we are concerned about the deadline and the amount of work that is now needed to be complete. I have attached a breakdown of what has been done including due dates, if it has been completed, and what is required to be completed before Thursday. I also have hard copy meeting minutes from all meetings in the semester thus far. We have also have print outs of Facebook communication. Lastly, a copy of the team charter has been included that explains that assignments must be completed 2 weeks prior to ensure we are able to edit and take the paper to the writing centre. We have not meet this deadline due to the extra work that has been placed on the rest of the group members. We are looking for guidance on this issue and it would be greatly appreciated.

I was asleep when Ann Marie got this and so I wasn’t there to help her work through it. She was up until 1:00am crying and angry over this betrayal.

The teacher replied and Ann Marie’s marks will most likely suffer. This group stabbed her in the back and she still has to complete a week’s worth of work and a group presentation with them. I am so mad right now about this but I have to practice.

I hope there is time for Ann Marie to take on some work so these bitches think it’s “more fairly distributed”. If there is no work they will part with then Ann Marie will just… fail? I don’t know.

The group consisted of five but immediately separated into the three on the “inside” and the two on the “outside”. Majority rules so the outsider’s schedules were not considered when planning the meetings, therefore the meetings were only attend-able by the insiders. Insiders showed up late shortening the already short time the outsiders had with the group. Major decisions were only made after the outsiders had left and tasks would neither be clearly laid out if assigned at all to the outsiders. Insiders feigned understanding and compassion and even offered “in kindness” to complete tasks. When the insiders decided that they had done too much for the outsiders it was never discussed with the outsiders before reporting their grievances with the program coordinator leaving the outsiders in a state of complete shock and surprise.

I’m pissed. If a guy-classmate did that to me I would go to the school and punch him right in his fucking face. Stabbing someone in the back like that should be an educational-crime in itself.


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