Ferland, Sessions, Pence, and Tolkein!

I feel a little bad today. Chad’s birthday party is tonight at Raxx and I don’t want to go. I don’t drink, I gave up eating out for lent and I try really hard to get to bed by 10 to maintain my sanity. I messaged Chad and told him. Maybe we’ll meet up tomorrow when he goes to see Logan.

Sessions has been implicated down in the USA of communicating with Russia and then lying about it to congress. Politicians lie… I really wish people would stop caring about these ‘oaths’, or ‘swearing on the bible’. The only thing these people care about is money and maybe their life. If the penalty for lying to congress was death or complete forfeiture of property then I would be shocked if they lied. The way it is now is kindergarten.

Sessions has already recused himself from any inquiry into Russia undertaken by the Justice Department but people are still calling for his resignation. I’d love to see two resignations in two months for the Trump administration but I don’t think it will happen. I do believe that one-by-one all of Trump’s inner circle will be implicated in their corruption and too-close relationships with Russia. Trump will be impeached because he’s delusional and won’t step down.

I feel bad for Mike Pence. Mike Pence is a piece of shit, don’t get me wrong. He pushes his personal beliefs on women. I can’t respect a person like that. I do feel for him though because he clearly spent his life walking the straight and narrow path. His “good” (…it’s all relative) name will go down in history paired with Donald Trump’s corrupt, dysfunctional and scandalous presidency. #PoorPence If he grew a pair and took charge—standing up to Trump’s insanity—he might go down differently. Either way he’s going into the history books. His choice how. I tweeted him this exact sentiment.

THE HOBBIT! I’ve always been annoyed with The Hobbit movies. Mainly annoyed because there is three of them! Too much filler. Too much crap that wasn’t in the book. Too much movie. I finally found a fan-cut called The Hobbit: The Tolkien Cut. Going to watch it tonight. I’m excited.

I also asked my dad what was up last week when he left skating early and if it was something I said. I was going to let it go but he said he wasn’t coming tonight either. If we go it will just be the girls and I. It will be fine that way of course but it’ll be the first time in a while no one else comes. Part of me just wants to sit back and watch Moana with the girls. That might be tomorrow afternoon that we get that done.

I also forgot to mention in my list of stuff I was doing in my busy week I also got all my shit together and filed my taxes. Busy boy.


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