Feels good.

Holy fuck it feels good to be done my crazy week! LOL I’ve been so focussed on keeping my schedule that anything out of the ordinary often throws me for a loop. Made it through this week though.

  • Monday I had my rough appointment with Larry and had to take Charlotte to Karate after work.
  • Tuesday was a pancake supper at Holy Cross and music lessons at Dorian.
  • Yesterday I had the meditation at 1 which was ok, just out of my routine. The evening was nuts because I had mass at 7 and practice at 8. Didn’t get in bed until 11:30 and I had gut rot this morning because I was snacking… it was a close call last night… almost smoked a bong and passed out on the couch.
  • Today the only odd-ball thing was my blood test at 1. Looking forward to a kidless night with Ann Marie. (Kids are at my mom’s for the PA day tomorrow).

All that’s left is Chad’s birthday tomorrow night at Raxx… might say fuck it… might not. Saturday I have a makeup lesson at my guitar teacher, Michelle’s house. Had to get my brother to take the kids home from gymnastics but he doesn’t mind. Busy week. 🙂 I’ve also had three freelance projects on the go this week for Whisper’s Pub, Diamond Development Initiative and Canadian Math Society… it’s been nuts.


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