Mud in the outfield.

Steve Bannon is leading the charge in the “deconstruction of the administrative state.” Well I have three words for that right off the bat… rivers. on. fire. Remember in the 1970s when rivers used to catch on fire from coal pollution?! I wasn’t alive but I’ve read about it. Fucking hell. This is American politics and I have no influence whatsoever here in Canada… but we share a continent and a lot of bodies of water with Americans who are glad they’re getting rid of the administration state.

I walk downtown from Queen’s University a lot. Every time I do I take the fastest route which from Clark Hall is east on Union, pass in front of the courthouse, cut across the field, and down Bagot street. A lot of people go this way. I know this because it’s the suggested walking route from and theres a big fucking rut worn into the ground. This is also not the only way that people cut through this field as there is another rut worn through the field that crosses the path I was walking.

As I walked through the field it occurred to me that I was walking through the outfield of not one but two baseball diamonds. The grass was ruined and there were two big nasty lines of mud going through the grass. In that moment I had a choice to continue down the mud rut, turn around and go around, or walk on. I walked on and thought to myself, I’m just one person, The damage is already done, One more person walking on it won’t really hurt much, This is the fastest way, and so on and so forth.

The only way I was not going to walk through that field and continue to ruin the grass was if someone fenced off the area.

I realized that this is why we need an administration state. It’s not just corporations. It’s not just governments. It’s everyone. People are lazy. People are greedy. Everyone will take just a little bit. With 35,000,000 people in Canada it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the disaster that will come if human nature isn’t curbed by administration.

Take away the rules and you know what you’ve got? A big fucking mud puddle in the middle of two baseball diamond’s outfields.



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