The Canadian political song-and-dance.

So Justin Trudeau took office and hit the ground running! He fulfilled a couple of great promises—assisted suicide, family benefits, new tax bracket, increased spending—but seems to have stalled on some of the big ones—native reparations, legalization of marijuana, and election reform. He’s also blown deficit spending well beyond reasonably over budget.

Election reform was such a big issue because Canadians didn’t want another conservative majority elected to parliament with less than half the popular vote—didn’t make sense then, doesn’t make sense now. But true to historical form governments only want to fix the systems that don’t benefit them. Our liberal majority government is now saying that “Canada doesn’t actually want change…” What. The. Heck. Justin! What do you think you were elected to do? This goes back to why I hate the party system.

In our country and i.m.h.o, Liberal is the only way to go. NDP is too left, Conservative is too right. So it bugs me that our PM is sewing the seeds of his own demise by spending like Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf Of Wall Street without even a hint of planning to tax.

I know the legalization of marijuana for recreational use will ease the tax burden and create a revenue stream for the government but I can’t help but feel like it’s not coming fast enough nor will it offset the 30 billion dollar deficit.

Herein comes the song-and-dance between liberals and conservatives. The conservatives are already gearing up for their customary bashing of liberal spending and promises of conservative spending cuts resulting in tax cuts. Why can’t we just cut the crap and meet in the middle?

These are the services and social programs Canadians want, this is what it costs, and raise the taxes accordingly and proportionately leveraged against those who can most afford to pay. 

Sadly, common sense has never been common in governance.

I have a job. I’m not rich but I’m not poor. I’m mildly uncomfortable. I make sacrifices but they’re nothing compared to the sacrifices of my fellow Canadians. I happily pay my taxes because I know people with disabled children whom our government helps. I know elderly people whom our government helps. I know statisticians, translators, labourers, and court clerks whom our government employs. Our education system is 7th in the world and my children have had excellent teachers. Our infrastructure is being continually invested in (and we complain every year about construction). We all use different services at different times. Canada has always been there for me when I needed it and I want it to be there for every Canadian when they need it. I need help with daycare right now and I’m getting it. My kids need to go to school and they’re getting it. Charlotte and Evelyn will be out of daycare in 4 years and out of school in 9. I’ll still happily pay my taxes so that other parents can get the same help I got.


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