The political party is the party-pooper.

1. How can you represent your constituents when you are told how to vote by your party?

So here in Canada we’ve got the conservatives on the right-but not so right as the republicans, NDP on the left-further to the left now under Mulcair than they were under Layton before he died-RIP, and Liberal in the middle leaning left.

For perspective, if Hillary Clinton were to run for office in Canada she would be a conservative.

Parties give us a general idea of how the candidate is going to vote. But not always. When majority governments get in and they have total power over their MPs, MPs are not free to vote whichever way they see fit. If the public isn’t paying attention you can end up with bills like C-51… even if they are we can still end up with them.

2. Cancers can hide in plain sight.

We do have our fair share of ‘whack-a-doos’ as well. I’m sorry if the expression offends you but I am hesitant to engage in political discourse with people don’t believe in basic human equality.

To clarify, a ‘whack-a-doo’ to me is a person who doesn’t believe homosexuals are equal to heterosexuals in every way, who believes all people of Islam can be painted with the same brush, who thinks it’s acceptable to dictate what a woman (or anyone) can and cannot do with their body, who presumes gender issues are within their realm of expertise, or who believes in privatized health care (and believes corporations will care about our health over profit), a strong surveillance state (because they’re not doing anything wrong…), gun control (because guns don’t kill people, people kill people…. ), or vaccines. Remember that time you got polio? No? That’s because you were vaccinated.

I’m not kidding. These people still exists in Canada and Canada used to have a far right party. It was called the Reform party. It merged with the progressive-conservatives in 2000 when they were no longer relevant.

This is where my objection to political parties comes in. The Reform party STILL EXISTS. It’s hiding inside the conservative party of Canada. That’s why conservative agendas in minority governments are reasonable but totally fucking wack-a-doo when conservatives have a majority. (C-38, Niqab, etc.)

The point I am making is that we have a cancer in Canada hiding in the conservative party. The cancer’s name is Reform and they are not gone they are just in remission.

3. Money funnel.

The political party itself to me seems little more than a money-funnel for big business to manipulate government agenda. It’s a lot of work to meet with, donate to, and convince 150 politicians to bend the rules to allow for a pipeline or bail out GM. Big companies just need to meet with the Liberal president Anna Gainey, make a big contribution to the party and they’re done.


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