The future and past only exist in the present.

Swimming in the dark last night I had an amazing view of time and space
and in that moment it could have been 15 years ago or 15 years from now.


4 thoughts on “The future and past only exist in the present.

  1. Having been to different places for my work, sometimes I wondered if that country was either 50 years behind or perhaps 50 years in front of other places. Often we can see the developments going up and down on the line going from one end to the opposite end going forwards later to return to go backwards. every generation has its ups and downs its high points and lower points, Europe now in its decline like we have seen the declines of many previous great empires.

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    • Incredible insight.

      I think it’s important for every person to understand that there is no guarantee that tomorrow will be better than today.

      Also your point regarding the rise and fall of empire is true as well. There are always empires on the rise just as there are always empires in decline. I think we’re seeing the world fight against the rise of China and Germany.


      • China is the big rising star whilst Germany shall have to face a big struggle in Europe suffering under those who want to go for a leave from the union (Holland, France) and those who want to set up borders and exclude people who flee war-zones (Hungary, a.o. eastern countries).

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      • I agree with you again that Germany’s rising star will falter when the EU breaks apart. Sadly I think China’s star will falter as long as labour movements keep coming in and electing would-be-job-makers. All the American jobs went to China, people got pissed, people elected Donald Trump. If jobs don’t come back they’ll elect someone worse next time.


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