Used you.

Am             Em             Dm                       C       Em
Sleeping in dreamland. New friend and a warm hand.

Am                         Em             F        C         Em
Time we spent. So fast it went. We’d. Better. Not. 

Am                  Em                   Dm                         C          Em
Take a breath. Think of death. Depressions dark. Still not smart.

Am                           Em                F    C Em
Miss touch so much I want to but. So. I. Touch.



Am                                 Em         Am                                       Em
And I know you want an apology. And I tried but it’s just not in me. 

You’d hate to hear another lie from me. And that’s all an I’m sorry would ever be.


Not quite a spark. Lightning through dark. Awakened heart. 

Time to Depart. Thank you my friend. I’m. Alive. Again.


Priorities straight. It’s getting late. And starting to rain. 

I hope I never see you again. (x5) 


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