I don’t believe all business is good business. I believe that Canadians are suffering because of runaway capitalism.

Eliminate outside money from politics, socialize campaign financing and integrate control mechanisms with our tax returns.

Incremental minimum wage increases tied to economic indicators*.

Universal income infancy program. ($5,000/per person.) Gradated based on your income from $0-250,000.

Should a business be able to automate a job and still charge for the service? No. I want to end corporate ‘gouging’ of the poor. Eliminate bank fees for anyone with assets totalling less than $250,000.

I want to squeeze out predatory lending by capping interests rates that can be charged.

I want to make it possible to live a safe and peaceful life no matter what your household income. Insurance for anyone worth less than $250,000, collectively NFP.

Increase tax on the wealthiest Canadians, especially the corporations.

*I have no earthly idea what this should be tied to. I would ask economists to weigh in.


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