Trump, Trump.

He was a joke played the goat when he spoke made us choke while we gloated.

Who’s laughing now asking how. Shock and awe. Dropped jaws. Threatened the law. Still No one saw.

Underestimated the undereducated we thought broke labourers would vote for her

We were so sure it was her. For sure. We were sure. All green. No coal. Someone missed that hole.

Stadiums rallied from disassembled assembly lines and factories.

A hat  a hat they want to go back to when whites ruled the land and God had a plan, dad had a job and the cubs never win.

Threatened to destroy the place. So in your face and out of place. A crazy race. Put him in his place. Send him home in disgrace.

Insighted to violence over nonsensen This little man cannot stand when you belittle his hands

The shock on reporters faces when he started taking races. What do you say to this?

Plays fools like fiddles puts Kanye in the middle so you talk about a rap star instead of Vladimir.

President of the free world sets presidents against free will. Freedom to assemble freedom of speech. Please God impeach

Do something to halt this assembling of forces to make good on his promises we’ll watch as he demolishes.


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