If you didn’t vote you deserve Trump.

I’m really disappointed in the Americans. The United States people have spoken and they chose Trump. I’m reeling in pain from this historic upset. The world’s most powerful economy with the largest military turned away from globalism in favour of isolationism. They’ve turned away from green energy and have doubled down on “clean” (fucking hell don’t get me started) coal, fracking, offshore drilling, etc.

They’ve not only given the presidential office to a climate change denying, sexist, homophobic, racist xenophobe but they’ve also given the vice presidency to a evolution denying, climate change denying, pro lifer who promotes the “abstinence method” of sex education.

Here is what makes me the most angry. Donald Trump beat Hilary Clinton with less votes than John McCain (2008). He UNDER performed! This election was by no means a victory for the Republican party as it was a catastrophic failure of the Democratic Party. Don’t blame the 3rd party voters. Don’t blame the Trump voters. Blame the lazy or sexist voters who either couldn’t get off their own ass or out of their own way to vote or to vote for a woman.

Maybe it was because Hilary Clinton is a woman. Maybe it was because Hilary Clinton is a Clinton. Either way she should not have lost this election.

I understand why people voted for Trump. He was going to stand in the way of job hurting trade deals and environmental restrictions. I have no doubt that a lot of republicans voted very practically for themselves, friends or family that might work in a factory or mine. I have no doubt that a lot of people voted Trump to give Washington or Obama the middle finger by “flipping over the table” so to speak or “drain that swamp”. I would also say some voted because they are sexist and racist, xenophobic bigots who were threatened by the social progress of the last 8 years under Obama.

So Obama/Biden is out and Trump/Pence is in. What next?

They’ll undo anything that reminds them of Obama. Which is a lot.

I am interested to see his tax plan in action and he has promised massive infrastructure spending. That could be really well spent money.

I am interested to see his relationship to Russia and what an open dialogue between the Russians and Americans might yield. Obama lifted the embargo on Cuba and the world didn’t end… just saying, it might be a good idea. Imagine if Trump reduced the numbers of nuclear warheads in the world… it might happen.

The environment is fucked. I am sure of is that. To make jobs Trump will support coal and scrap the EPA, install pipelines, deforestation for livestock, and more! Yeah. That will be painful to watch.

22 million people will lose health care coverage when ACA is repealed. That is sad.

Planned parenthood will be undermined. Roe v. Wade might be overturned. Women in the US will have to go to Mexico or Canada for an abortion again. It might happen.

LGBTQ rights might be overturned. Imagine having a right wing government revoke your marriage. It might happen.

Stop and frisk might come back and a significantly more vigorous effort to put black men in jail, er… get drugs off the street. It might happen.

Here’s some numbers that really piss me off:

  • There’s about 220 million eligible voters in the USA.
  • Only 120 million voted.
  • Donald Trump received roughly 60 million votes.
  • BUT
    • There are 37 million Black voters in the USA.
    • There are 37 million Hispanic voters in the USA.
    • There are 8 million LGBTQ voters in the USA.
    • There are 2 million Muslim voters in the USA.
    • That’s 84 million votes… so yeah.

Where the fuck were they? Well 9% of black voters voted Trump. 23% of Hispanic voters voted Trump. Of the remainder that didn’t vote the most common excuses not counting being sick or disabled was they were “busy”, “didn’t care”, or “didn’t like either candidate”.  *facepalm*

Congratulations America you fucked up. It’s only 2 years until the Democrats have a chance to retake the senate and house. They can stall Trump like the Republicans stalled Obama.


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